Doing the right thing

When i was attending a seminar in Tulsa in February, I stayed at the Marriott Renaissance Tulsa Hotel and Convention Center.
Marriott Tulsa
During my stay, Tulsa experienced one of the worst blizzards they had seen for many years. After about the third day, the snow had stopped and there was lots of activity clearing the parking lots and surrounding areas. On Thursday evening, I had walked to a store nearby. On my back through the parking lot, I slipped on the ice, fell and broke my left wrist.
The Hotel staff was very helpful. They got ice to stop the swelling, called an ambulance and took exceptional care of me. They took an incident report and provided me the contact information for their insurance co, Travelers. Since I was headed home the next day, the hospital thought it best to see a Dr. in Austin to evaluate the treatment. To shorten this story, the repairs, took surgery, metal plate and 11 screws.

I contacted Travelers and they informed me that my fall would not be covered because of the weather. I am fortunate enough to have insurance which covered a good portion of the $22,000 medical bills but I was out of pocket a little over $1,300.
Not wanting to get attorneys involved, I decided to contact the hotel directly and was put in touch with Tim Lewin, the General Manager. I explained the situation and asked him to maybe speak to the Insurance company to consider covering my out of pocket expenses. Tim took this upon himself to help me. He took it to the corporate office and while the Insurance company “could not” pay, the hotel itself did send me a check. This was greatly appreciated and just wanted to acknowledge what good customer service is all about. Thank you Marriott Tulsa.


Free on line training

I have used Lynda.com for learning for the past two years. They used to offer a free 24 hour all access pass. They have just changed to a free 7 day all access pass. They do ask for a credit card up front but you can cancel anytime before 7 days and not incur any charges.

If you are interested in learning new applications, this is a great, inexpensive way to get training on your schedule.

Unlimited training can be as inexpensive as $25 for a full month. If you would like to sample, click the picture.


Getting Started with Video

Last year I did a presentation for ASTD on Getting Started in eLearning.  In that presentation I stressed how import I thought video would be in eLearning.
Because video can be complex, I did another presentation Getting Started with Video.
A modified version of the presentation can be found here.


Video and PDFs

After retiring, I wanted to create a different type of resume. I used some of my video skills and created a short video that was embedded in a PDF file. So now when someone gets a copy of my resume on line, they can play the video from within the PDF. Click the picture to see what I mean.


Thoughts on count down clocks

Count down to retirementWhen I knew I was going to retire, I found a count down clock where I could set the date and then watch the years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds click away towards that date. I remember when it went from 1 year to just months, then from months to just days and finally only hours. On the last day we had a gathering in my office and we all watched as the minutes ticked away and then with only seconds left, there was the chorus of voices 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! A message flashed on my screen.”Retire”.
A few seconds later, my Outlook popped up with a meeting message that said “Retired”.
But a strange thing happened with my count down clock. It kept right on counting. 13, 14, 15, 16, 17….
What that meant for me was that there will be milestones or events in our lives that we anticipate (or dread) and that moment will arrive as scheduled.
But then life goes on. And then just like that, you can count the seconds, minutes, hours, days and years that we get to enjoy life, our friends, and all the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Maybe that’s a new way to look at the saying “Count your blessings”.


eLearning – Getting Started

I gave a presentation to the Austin ASTD ID/eLearning Special Interest Group on the topic of how to get started in eLearning.
Getting started in eLearning
Click here for an abbreviated version of the presentation.


eLearning simplified

A really good presentation I’ve seen on eLearning comes from Cathy Moore. It is called “Dump the Drone”.
Cathy Moore Presentation Dump the Drone


Free day of training on Lynda.com

For the past two years, I have been using an online training site called Lynda.com. The offer hundreds of course. The beauty of this site is for a flat fee, like $25 per month, you have unlimited access to every course they offer. For an annual fee, you not only get access but you also can download all the exercise files.
What is nice about the site is that you can actually view the first several lessons on any topic for free, but the majority of the class is only accessible after you sign up.
I have been working with Lynda.com and have been able to arrange for a 24 hour unlimited access to every course. If you are interested in getting training on a subject, go to lynda.com and see what you would like to take. Then when you are ready to have 24 hours of access come back and click this image.
250x250 24 hour free pass

June 2021